None The Worse For Wear

by Aaron J. Shay

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Thanks to Sean Bulkley, Sarah Shay, and Jessylou D'Aprile for their advice, support, and general awesomeness.


released June 22, 2012

All songs written and arranged by Aaron J. Shay
Recorded and mixed by Aaron J. Shay and Sean Bulkley
Mastered by Myles Boisen in Oakland, CA

See track pages for individual part credits.




Aaron J. Shay Seattle, Washington

Sci-fi inspired banjo rock and literary ukulele. You're probably gonna like it.

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Track Name: The Things We'll Never Do
You and I will never eat at that one restaurant
You and I will never visit that one place
You and I will never get drunk watching Doctor Who again
You and I will never explore outer space
The morning sky and I are blue
'Cause I'm thinking about the things we'll never do.

You and I will never become passive aggressive
Or any more aggressively passive than we already are
You and I will never get there late 'cause someone forgot the tickets
Nor argue about where you parked the goddamn car
No, I don't have a single clue
Why I'm thinking about the things we'll never do.

We will never compromise each other's opportunities
You and I will never have to bear that load
And you will never have to feel resentful
Of the people I'll be meeting on the road.

Oh, take me to that open road!
Put me in front of a thousand strangers but I'm
Not the man they'll see!
They'll only see some lonely hipster
Playing ukulele!
Oh, give me clowns
And paper towns
And the contra bass
And the thrilling chase
And the inner spark
And the streets gone dark
And the dancers leaping through the park
Make my life a zoo!
So I won't have time to remember the things we'll never do.

You and I will never raise a bunch of chickens
You and I will never argue all night long
You and I will never have make-up sex
(Or at least, not for a very long time)
You and I may never know what we did wrong.
In spite of what we will go through,
We will always have the things we'll never do.
Track Name: Uncanny Hands
Delicate fingers and uncanny hands
They can't lift the burden from your shoulders
Oh, the distance is getting further
While your tendons are growing colder

And the sky yawns black every night
All toothy and full of wonder
But your night terrors, your aches and your pains
They're gonna pull you under.

You, just you, your delicate fingers, your uncanny hands
They're not even strong enough to pluck out your eyes
And no one's gonna pity you 'til you're blind
But they've never heard the way you cry
Out in your sleep, when there's no place to hide

You're so low,
There's nowhere to go
But up.
Track Name: Your Savior Isn't Coming
Your savior isn't coming!
He isn't riding a white horse.
He cannot stop this boat from sinking,
Your savior cannot change the course.
If it's darkness that you're looking for,
It's darkness that you're always gonna find.
Whether you hide yourself in shadows or you stare into the sun
You will go blind.

Your savior isn't coming!
He cannot break your iron chains.
He cannot stop this plague from spreading,
He can't revive your cold remains.
All your wishing and your waiting, well,
I haven't seen it fix a goddamn thing.
Talking loud and doing nothing's left you poor
And kept your tormentor a king.

But it's not all lost,
No, it's not all lost.
'Cause you got eyes and you got toes,
And you got hands and a heart that glows,
And a mind sharp as a tack,
And ideas, they never lack.
But you gotta pull your body out,
Out of terror, out of doubt,
'Cause you got a power all your own
In the marrow of your bones!
You got a power all your own!
You got a power all your own!

Your savior isn't coming!
So you'll just have to save yourself.
Track Name: Love Comes Home
Arms! Encircle me, try to slow me down,
Try to keep momentum from taking me downtown
Towards the future, towards what nobody knows but everybody could
Eyes! Undress me, cut me down to size,
Try to keep me mortal, though you know that I will rise
And when I rise, I will get higher (way higher) than any mortal should
And that day will be the day
Love comes home for good.

Lips! Come taste of me, hang me out to dry,
Fill me to the brim with your sweet by and by,
Let me drink your stranger flavors every now and then.
Hands! Unfold me, unleash what I may hide
These monsters and martyrs, let 'em flow just like the tide
You won't find me in the gutter trying to teach 'em the ways of men
'Cause that day will be the day
Love comes home again.

Legs! Wrap around me, take me deep inside!
And cheeks, may you flush, may you shine where you once cried!
Conscience, don't go crying about all the krakens we loosed.
Hair, keep on growing, you'll find a new abode.
Feet, keep on walking, don't worry 'bout the road
Put some distance here between you and me to help keep this truce.
And the day that debt is paid,
Love comes home to roost.

Momentum, take me higher!
Momentum, take me higher and higher and higher!
Love comes home today.
Track Name: The Ice Age Song
The temperature is dropping
The temperature is dropping
And the ground is going to frost.
The sun is hiding
The sun, he is hiding
And the ground is slowly tempest-tossed.
The glacier is coming
The glacier is coming
And when she comes, she will change everything.
And when she comes,
And when she comes
You just might hear me sing

That everything's transforming all the time
From the oceans we swim to the mountains we climb
Everything's transforming all the time

The snow is falling
The snow is falling
Gonna cover this city with it's long white coat
The sea is receding
The sea is receding
And the ground is rushing up to meet my boat
The glacier is coming
The glacier is coming
Her hands will move the dirt beneath my skin
And when she comes
And when she comes
She's gonna change every place I've ever been

And everything's transforming all the time
From the waters we swim to the mountains we climb
Everything's transforming all the time