Tonight Will Be Different (Single)

by Aaron J. Shay

Don't you know the road that we are walking We've been this way before This valley has watched our passing through A thousand times or more Maybe, when the planet turns to night We'll end up somewhere new No more habits slowing down our hands We've got too many things to do Tonight will be different Tonight will go up in flames New rules remain to be written And we'll use different names If Yesterday finds us Get ready to run If Tonight doesn't change us Yesterday will have won Is there something you've wanted But you didn't dare to request Or maybe you weren't certain Or you wanted me to guess I'll drop my last pretensions If you follow my lead We'll start getting what we want Because it's more than what we need And, Tonight will be different Tonight will come crashing down New stories are gonna be written about Our victories of renown And if Yesterday finds us Get ready to fight 'Cause if Tonight doesn't change us Yesterday might It's a new moon tonight Tonight our flesh will bear a different mark Tonight will be our candle in the dark Let's make our stand at the top of the hill If Tonight doesn't change us, tomorrow never will


released June 5, 2020




Aaron J. Shay Seattle, Washington

Sci-fi storyteller and banjo balladeer. I believe in the good kind of apocalypse.

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