The Great Galactic Ghoul

from ROVERS: THE MUSICAL (Composer's Demos) by Aaron J. Shay



Gather round and hear a tale of rue, and woe, and strife
A story sure to make you fear for limb and battery life
There’s something lurking out there in the wilderness of space
The Great Galactic Ghoul could strike at any time or place

The Great Galactic Ghoul eats rovers for breakfast and lunch
The Great Galactic Ghoul thinks that you are a hell of a crunch!
It shreds your wheels and drinks your fuel, it grinds your gears and devours you whole!
The Great Galactic Ghoul will never stop until it’s full.

The Great Galactic Ghoul drinks all the water from the land
And when you look, there’s nothing there but dusty sand
Ionosphere, Magnetosphere, it leaves no trace behind
The Great Galactic Ghoul takes everything you seek to find

The Great Galactic Ghoul is such a volatile lout
You’ve never seen a dust storm like the ones it kicks about
It hides your rocks and research, and it buries form and friend
And if you do survive, the storm could last for months on end.

The Great Galactic Ghoul is watching everywhere you go
It’s in the air! It’s over there! It’s down below!
It comes when you’re together and it comes if you’re alone
It’s coming for you now
Just listen for its moan
It’s coming for you now
Just listen for its moan
Just listen for its quite climactic, pan-galactic moan


from ROVERS: THE MUSICAL (Composer's Demos), released July 31, 2018




Aaron J. Shay Seattle, Washington

Sci-fi storyteller and banjo balladeer. I believe in the good kind of apocalypse.

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